Dikdaya SEHATi

Member SEHATi Group


 CSR Consulting

 Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Dikdaya Sehati consulting and communications firm that works with businesses and organizations to address issues of corporate social responsibility.

We offer one-stop shopping for clients with diverse needs, utilizing a range of sophisticated tools and services. From stakeholder engagement to the development of complex strategies and management systems, we bring expertise, creativity, and the highest level of competence to meet the needs of every client.

Our services are delivered through our network of independent consultants and strategic partners. We draw from their vast experience and expertise which allows us to customize each consulting engagement to fit the customer’s needs.

Our services include:

Corporate Social Responsibility,Sustainability consulting:

* CSR audits

* CSR strategy

* CSR program development and implementation

* Benchmarking

* Workshops and customized executive training

* Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) advisory services

CSR communications services:

* Stakeholder engagement

* Cause and social marketing programs

* Corporate reputation management

* CSR/Sustainability report development

Corporate ethics and compliance:

* Ethics audits

* Ethics program development

* Code of conduct and policy development

* Ethics curriculum development

* Ethics training and workshops

Social Venture Consulting

* Corporate engagement

* Strategy consulting

* Cause and social marketing

* Branding and communications

CSR Consulting Tools


Our Self-Assessment tool will guide your company through the process of evaluating where you stand internally, both in policy and practice, in the areas of CSR. The tool is purchased for a flat fee and the assessment is carried out by the client. This is a less expensive alternative to the full, or diagnostic, audit.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our Stakeholder Engagement tool will help your company identify the key stakeholders, and their issues, that affect your business. The tool allows the client to map their stakeholders, thus prioritizing which stakeholders to engage with on specific issues. It will rate the level of impact of each stakeholder in customized categories and provide guidance in prioritizing both stakeholders and issues.


Our Benchmarking tool will compare your company’s practices against global standards and/or the practices of leading companies, or competitors. The benchmarking is customized for each client.

HIV Workplace Programs Benchmarking

Our HIV Workplace Programs Benchmarking tool will evaluate your company’s HIV workplace policy against the global HIV standards of GRI, UNAIDS, and ILO and against the HIV Workplace Programs of leading companies, or direct competitors.

Acquisition Pre-Qualification Assessment

The differing cultures and practices of companies in the areas of CSR make it essential to assess the ethical, cultural, and social fit prior to a merger or an acquisition. Our Merger and Acquisition Pre-Qualification Assessment tool will guide you through a risk and fit assessment of the cultural, ethical, and social fit of a potential merger or acquisition using secondary information.



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